PSLV-C32 IRNSS-1F Satellite: Launched

The Launch of PSLV-C32, IRNSS-1F Satellite launched on Thursday successfully in putting into orbit. The PSLV-C32 is the India’s Sixth navigation satellite, IRNSS-1F was launched into a sub-Geosynchronous transfer orbit with a 284 KM Perigee which is nearer to earth and 20,657 km apogee (Longest Point to Earth).

PSLV-C32, IRNSS-1F India's sixth Navigation Satelite Launched
PSLV-C32 IRNSS-1F India’s sixth Navigation Satelite Launched

If we talk about satellite it will carry 2 types of payloads, the first one is navigation payload and ranging payload. The Navigation payload will transmit navigation service signals to users and Ranging Payload consists a C-band transponder that facilitates range of satellite accurate distance.

The IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) has come to be known as the country’s own GPS system. The satelite was launched in Sriharikota on Thursday. The PSLV-C32 launched at 15:30 Hrs. The PSLV-C32 Launch live video can be watched online on thursday evening.

Watch PSLV C32/ IRNSS 1F Launch Online