Mohammad Amir’s Sensational First Over – 8 for 3 vs India in Asia Cup 2016

After Pakistan Scoring 83 Runs, everyone thought the game was shifted to India Momentum. But Mohammad Amir started with up a spectacular first over to begin the Indian chase. Here’s how our ball-by-ball commentator described the double-wicket over that had Pakistan hoping again.

Mohammad Amir’s Sensational First Over – 8 for 3 vs India in Asia Cup 2016

0.1 Mohammad Amir to Sharma, no run, Pakistan cannot believe that isn’t lbw! Amir has bowled a scorching yorker, angling across the right-hander and then bending back to hit the toe of the front foot. That looks so good. I think Rohit is really lucky

0.2 Mohammad Amir to Sharma, OUT, Amir’s got him this time! Another incredible ball, slanting across Rohit at pace from over the wicket, pitching on a good length around off and bending back into the right-hander, beating the inside edge of the bat to crash into the pad. The umpire takes a while but eventually sends Rohit on his way. Two outstanding balls from Amir. That one is crashing into middle stump

0.3 Mohammad Amir to Kohli, 1 run, a fuller and wider ball outside off, Kohli tries to drive but gets a thick outside edge to third man

0.4 Mohammad Amir to Rahane, 1 wide, strays down leg side, Rahane misses the glance

0.4 Mohammad Amir to Rahane, OUT, another lbw!! Amir is bowling a sensational first over. Rahane knows that the ball is slanting across him from over the wicket, he knows it is going to bend back viciously late, but he can’t do anything about it. He tries to defend on the leg side, closing the face a touch, but he misses and gets struck plumb in front. This is bowling of the highest skill

0.5 Mohammad Amir to Raina, no run, Raina is beaten comprehensively first ball. Short of a length outside off and seaming away from the left hander, he pokes in hope

0.6 Mohammad Amir to Raina, no run, moves forward and towards the off side to defend one that moves away from him to the bowler

Watch: Mohammad Amir’s Sensational First Over Vs India in Asia Cup 2016


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