Ninnu Kori Movie Review Rating – 3.25/5

Ninnu Kori is a Telugu Movie directed by debutant Shiva Nirvana and produced by DVV Danayya under DVV Entertainments. Nani and Nivetha Thomas play the lead roles in the film while Aadhi Pinisetty plays a pivotal role. Gopi Sunder has composed music for the film. Prawin Pudi and Karthik Ghattamaneni are handling the editing and cinematography of this movie. The movie shooting was started in November 2016 and shooting commenced in February 2017 in the United States.

Ninnu Kori Rating Imdb Greatandhra Apherald
Ninnu Kori Movie Review Rating

By Watching the trailer, we can understand Ninnu Kori is the interesting love story between the Nani and Nivetha Thomas that starts in Vizag, but they break up. Later, they meet again but Nivetha has moved on and fallen for another guy, played by Aadhi. To complicate matters, Nani and Aadhi are actually friends. And here’s where the twist happens — no, the guys aren’t going after one another to win over the girl. Why Nivetha rejects Nani. Whether Nani loses his love to Aadhi or if there will be a twist in the tale remains to be seen in the theatres.

After watching the trailer, Everyone thinking that Ninnu Kori is a triangle love story with the elements of romance, comedy and action this movie looks like a perfect entertainer. But, In the recent media interaction, Nani says that “No, it isn’t a triangular love story. There’s a point of conflict that involves the three of us. The story begins in Vizag, moves to Delhi and then to San Francisco. We have a huge presence of Telugu-speaking NRIs in the US and this film will find a resonance with them, hopefully.”

Ninnu Kori Movie Story

Uma (Nani) is a PHD student in Vizag who falls in love with Pallavi(Nivetha Thomas). As time passes by, Pallavi too accepts Uma’s love and them as a mature couple decide to only marry each other when Uma settles down in his career.
But the twist in the tale arises when Pallavi’s dad(Murali Sharma) suddenly fixes Pallavi’s wedding with Arun(Aadi). Left with no choice, both Uma and Pallavi are forced to break up and Pallavi marries Arun.

Will he be successful in his love life? That forms the rest of the story?

Ninnu Kori Movie Rating – 3.25/5


Ninnu Kori Movie Live Updates:

6:40 AM IST : With some good emotional scenes, the climax ends and Sacrifice is the final word which brings the end to this film.

6:30 AM IST : Some emotional scenes executed well with the movie progressing at good pace.

6:20 AM IST : Good comedy between Nani, Prudhvi Raj and Murali gives you laughs. ‘Hey Badulu Cheppave’ song grabs the core part in the movie and shot well in good locations.

5:50 AM IST : ‘Once Upon a Time lo’ looks good in the second half. The songs came at the right time and in situation which gives an advantage.

5:40 AM IST : The performance of Nani brings something which you have seen from him in his previous films.

Interval : First half looks pretty decent. Audience gets connected to this story very fast. Nivetha Thomas and Nani looks fab together with their second collaboration. Aadhi was not seen in the first half, so we can assume he will be in the second half with a good role.

5:30 AM IST : Story comes back to USA which is the present from Flashback.

5:20 AM IST : ‘Adiga Adiga’ comes at a good situation in the movie. Nani moves to New Delhi for his career and the story theme changes.

5:00 AM IST : Movie shifts to flashback as Nani and Nivetha Thomas are in love. ‘Unnatundi Gundey’ gives good visuals

4:40 AM IST : Movie opens with Nivetha Thomas going to meet Nani.

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