Solar Eclipse on 9th March 2016 Timings: How to Watch it Safely

The day which you can watch the “Total Solar Eclipse on 9th March 2016” Wednesday, To watch the eclipse on their home place in their country the timings may vary from Japan, Australia, Indonesia. The Day which it turns into night on the day of “Solar Eclipse” millions of people waiting for the solar eclipse to watch every year.

Total Solar Eclipse on March 8th 2016
Total Solar Eclipse Images on March 8th 2016

What is Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse means where the moon passes directly infront of the sun between the Earth and the sun, forming a shadow over the Earth which results in forming a total eclipse. The Solar Eclipse timings in India, Australia, South-East Asia varies. The solar eclipse can be able to see on Wednesday 9 March in Australia, South-East Asia, Hawalii East on Tuesday. The West countries and East Countries like America, Europe regions it is not possible because it will be night.

Solar Eclipse 8th March 2016
Total Solar Eclipse on 9th March 2016 in India

What is Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse will occour on other hand, when Earth passes between the sun and the moon, shadowing on Earth over a full moon.

Lunar Eclipse Images On 8th March 2016
Lunar Eclipse On 8th March 2016

How can i Watch Solar Eclipse and Which Place

According to NASA’s Research it gives a best answer for seeing the total Solar Eclipse. As we know that Earth is rotating, so the best spot to see eclipse is at the “Central Blue Zone”. If you are in that zone it’s easy to have a clear watch of Solar Eclipse on March 9th 2016 especially in the place of Indonesia. So, it’s the best place to view the Solar Eclipse where the sun is completly blocked by the moon. Total Solar Eclipse in India Timings are varied from other countries to see full solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Sun Closed by Moon on March 8th 2016
Solar Eclipse Sun Closed by Moon on March 8th 2016

The People who are north or south regions can able to see “Partial Solar Eclipse”. In Australia the Place named “Darwin” on North will able to see the 60% of the sun closed by the moon and in “Perth” 10% can be visible. When coming to North, people in South Vietnam and Thailand can able to have a glance of 60%. Japan People can be able to watch 20% of Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Timings in India

Solar Eclipse Timings in India on 9th March 2016
Solar Eclipse Timings in India on 9th March 2016

Solar Eclipse Timings Other Countries

  1. Hawaii – 5:30PM.
  2. Palembang, Sumatra – 7.21AM
  3. Palu, Sulawesi – 8.38AM
  4. Ternate, Malaku – 9.53AM
  5. Bangkok, Thailand – 7.32AM
  6. Singapore – 8.23AM
  7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 8.23AM
  8. Manila, Philippine – 8.58AM
  9. Darwin, Australia – 10.17AM
  10. Cairns, Australia: 11.12AM

How to Watch Solar Eclipse Safely

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