Happy Mother’s Day 2016

The Word “Mother’s Day” which tells how important for all the people in the world. The “Mother Day” celebration on every year is important in respecting the one’s mother in the society. The Mother’s Day is celebrated in the month of March or May so, People celebrate “Mother’s Day according to their wish of their Nation. As, we compare with Father’s Day and Siblings Day, these important days also celebrated as honouring the family members.

Happy Mother's Day 2016
Mother’s Day Wishes 2016

The Mother’Day wishes celebration firstly, started in the United States of America in the 20th Century. Mother’s Day is a national holiday in every country, and it was first celebrated in 1908. Mother’s Day was celebrated by Anna Jarvis on remembering her mother at “St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia.

Mother's Day Quotes 2016
Mother’s Day Quotes 2016

The celebration of “Mother’s Day” began with honouring the mother wishing with greeting cards, sending Messages, Quotes and best wallpapers to greet your dear friend from childhood.

Mother's Day Student Wishes to Teachers
Mother’s Day Student Wishes to Teachers

What is Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s Day in India 2016 is celebrated on 8th May, Sunday. The Mother’s Day comes on second sunday every year of month may.

Mother's Day Wishes 2016
Mother Day Wishes 2016
Mother's Day Images 2016
Mother Day HD Images 2016

Why Mother’s Day is celebrated All Over the World

Mother’s Day was begin at the ancient period by the Greek, Romans. The mothers day is celebrated not only in US, India it was celebrated in other countries like UK, Brazil, Canada etc. The celebration was modernized everywhere in the world honouring the mother. The day is celebrated in modern ways like Greeting Cards, E-Cards, Gifting with Roses etc. It was celebrated all around 46 countries in the world. This was a big event for everyone in the world to honor their mother.

Mothers Day Celebration in India
Mothers Day Celebration in India

Ancient people of Greek celebrates the “Mothers Day 2016” to their maternal goddesses on the annual spring festival. According to their traditions the Greek mythology, celebrates to honour the Rhea ( which Means the wife of Cronus as Well as Mother of Many Deities). Mother’s Day wishes 2016 wishes are conveyed through different ways like Singing songs, Greeting Cards, Wallpapers, Images, Flowers etc.

Mother's Day Gifting Ideas
Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas

Ancient Roman Spring Festival Named – Hilaria Cybele Temple ( Mother Goddess)

Ancient Greek Spring Festival Named – Rhea ( Wife of Cronus)

The christians celebrate “Mothers Day” on Fourth Sunday in order to respect the virgin Mary (means Mother of Christ). The Mother’s Day celebration in England started in the year (1600) worshiping the virgin Mary. Anna Jarvis who coined the word “Mother’s Day”.

Mother's Day Celebration 2016
Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day Celebration

The celebration of Mother’s Day is celebrated in Homes, Schools, Organizations to make mothers day as special to everyone. In homes they used to greet their mothers with hugs in planning event programmes to entertain children. The celebration in schools are special conveying their wishes through poems, singing songs etc. Mothers Day wishes to teachers in schools are special by organizing events.

Mother's Day Children wishes 2016
Mother’s Day Children wishes 2016

To remember “Mother’s Day” as special some countries declare as “National Holiday in their Country”.

Happy Mother's Day 2016