Happy Holi Festival 2016 – Images, SMS Quotes, Wallpapers HD

Happy Holi Festival 2016 Images HD which is celebrated on March 24 2016 worldwide. Holi Celebration is celebrated with Holi Colors sharing love with one another.Holi Festival date 2016 and Holi week List comes in March 2016 Hindu Calender. Holi is a important festival next to “Diwali”. Holi is celebrated as Spring Festival in Nepal.

Happy Holi 2016 Facebook Covers Images HD
Happy Holi 2016 Facebook Covers Images

About Holi Festival 2016

Holi Festival 2016 is celebrated for two days, The day which starts on “Purnima”(Total Full Moon Day) falling in BIkram Sambat Hindu Calender month of Falgun in between the month February and Mid March of “Gregorian Calender. The 1st day is celebrated as “Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi Festival”. The second day we call as “Rangwali Holi or Dhulet. Holi Festival Photos 2016 and Celebration of festival colors.

Happy Holi in 2016
Happy Holi in 2016

The day is celebrated with spray of colours dances, parties, Eat delicious Foods with different varities. Happy Holi Festival Wishes 2016 for families and friends wishing through best holi quotes 2016.

Happy Holi Wishes 2016 can be wished with different ways like wishing with quotes, Greeting Cards, SMS Quotes and Best HD Wallpapers. Among this different aspects, Most people prefer to greet wishes through “Best Holi Festival Images and SMS Quotes”.

Holi Celebration in 2016

Holi Celebration in 2016 starts on the night before Holi with a “Holika Bonfire” where people together sing Dance and Party. The next morning it starts with Rangwali Holi with festival of Colours where the day would be most memorable in chasing the friends, families to spray colours on them with different colours of coloured water ballons. People celebrate holi in their own residential areas in forming a group of people surrounded by collics. Happy Holi Images 2016 and best Holi festival wallpapers collection are available online you can download it in placing for facebook Covers and whatsapp Cover timeline images. Holi Wallpapers HD images download online with best collection.

History of Holi

The Holi is celebrated as a “Festival of Colours”. The word Holi termed from “Holika” the evil sister of the demon King “HiranyaKashipu”. The Festival is celebrated remembering the origins from the “Prahlada-Puri-Temple” of Multan in Punja Region. Hiranyakashipu own son is Prahlada and he was devotee of “Lord Vishnu”. Holi Pictures 2016 HD Festival events photos and latest wallpapers.

Happy Holi Photos 2016
Happy Holi Photos 2016
Holi termed with Different Regions

1. “Lath mar holi” in Uttar Pradesh

2.”Kumauni Holi” in Uttarakhand

3.”Phaguwa” in Bihar

4.”Dol Jatra” in Bengal

5.”Dola” in Odisha

6.”Pushkar” in Rajasthan

7.”Phakuwa” in Assam

8.”Sigmo” in Goa

9.”Shimga” in Maharashtra

10.”Yaosang” in Manipur

11.”Holi” in Karnataka

12.”Holi” in Telangana

13.”Holi” in Andhra Pradesh

14.”Rangoli” in Himachal Pradesh

15.”Holi” in Madhya Pradesh

16. “Holi” in Tamil Nadu

17.”Fagu” in Nepal

Happy Holi Festival 2016 Images & Wallpapers

Happy Holi Images 2016 HD

Happy Holi Festival 2016
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